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ReduceWaste project

The product

ReduceWaste is a project based on sustainability. It aims to help people learn about and manage every day’s waste. The app will help (among others), people who can not afford food by offering free meals and free products

The problem:

Everyday we throw away so much food and it seems so disrespectful for our planet and so unfair for humans who can’t afford the basic human need. We identified that this crucial matter which affects our precious planet, is unknown to most of us, or we don’t use easy methods to reduce our every day waste.

The goal:

Design an app that will help reduce waste, save money, offer free meals and products to people who can’t afford them, and of course to educate about the general waste problem

User research: summary

I developed interview questions, which were used to conduct user interviews.

Most participants reported feeling badly about food waste and our print to the planet and they didn’t know ways to help reduce their waste.

The feedback received through research made it very clear that users were very interested and willing to work towards reducing waste generally, if they had some help


The ideation:

I did a quick ideation exercise to come up with ideas. 

My focus was specifically on finding deals and restaurants for reduce waste


After ideating and drafting some paper wireframes, I created the initial designs for the ReduceWaste app. These designs focused on delivering personalised guidance to users to help them find deals and offers


High Fidelity prototype