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Day 1

Starting the Journey

We’re on a mission to make things better for our planet. Waste is a big problem, and we’re here to find a smart solution. Over the next 100 days, we’re going to create an app that helps cut down on waste in lots of different places. Think of this app as a way to use technology to take care of our environment. Today is Day 1, and we’re kicking things off by learning about Design Thinking. This is like a special plan that will help us make the best app possible. With Design Thinking, we’re going to design an app that fights waste and changes things for the better.

Waste is Everywhere

Waste is a big deal, and it’s not just one person’s problem. It affects everyone and every place, from homes to restaurants to stores and factories. Our app is going to help all these different places do a better job of handling waste. We’re going to work on making an app that’s like a team player, bringing everyone together to share ideas and ways to use things more wisely. We’ll learn about the waste problems in each place and find ways to make things right.

Design Thinking: Our Secret Sauce

We’re not doing this alone – we have a cool method to guide us. It’s called Design Thinking, and it’s like a treasure map to make great ideas happen. On Day 1, we’re diving into Design Thinking’s first steps: getting to know what people need and figuring out the best ways to fix waste issues. We’re going to listen to people’s stories, learn what bothers them about waste, and come up with really clever solutions. It’s like teamwork between us and the people who will use our app. So let’s get started and make a difference together!